Back-to-School: 9 Key Concepts to Rethink for Fall 2020

July 15, 2020

The 2020-21 school year is going to require educators to rethink, innovate, and have a growth mindset. For blended and hybrid learning environments to thrive, you’ll need to create healthy and humane spaces in a variety of ways. Educational designer Dr. Bob Dillon leads you through nine key concepts to examine in parallel to health and safety requirements. He’ll guide you through the following:

  • Communicating effectively with parents and students
  • Rethinking grading practices
  • Learning through experiences
  • Designing engaging lessons
  • Building community remotely
  • Maximizing community partnerships
  • Deepening collaboration in blended environments
  • Right-sizing curriculum
  • Leveraging your librarians and specialists


Dr. Robert Dillon

Dr. Robert Dillon

Dr. Robert Dillon has served as a thought leader in education over the last 20 years as a teacher, principal, and director of innovation. He is passionate about changing the educational landscape by building engaging schools for all students. Dr. Dillon has shared his thoughts and ideas in a variety of publications, and at local, state, and national conferences throughout the country. He is also the author of five books on intentional design in learning.
You can find Dr. Dillon on Twitter @drrobertdillon.