Hartland South Elementary, WI


Hartland South Elementary’s very traditional, cramped library was starting to languish, and students just weren’t drawn to the space. The school had recently done some updating by creating a STEM lab adjacent to their library, but the staff quickly realized that their outdated furnishings made it difficult to utilize the space, as the tables were heavy and almost impossible to rearrange.

Principal Dave Risch envisioned a space where students could collaborate, find books easily and get excited about reading, and he turned to Demco to help him execute his vision. He worked with Demco interior experts to create a more vibrant, inviting library space, as well as improve the STEM space so that it meets both instructional needs and learning objectives. Hartland’s STEM lab now features mobile tables that can easily be moved and rearranged to fit any size group and collaborative media tables for small-group instruction and information sharing.

Hartland’s new STEM lab and library are now the heart of their school community and the busiest places in the school, according to Risch. “Sometimes we think having rigor means we don’t have fun. That’s totally not the case. We have state-of-the-art spaces, high engagement and FUN. Every elementary school should want students begging to come to the library.”

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Location: Hartland, WI

Client: Hartland Lakeside School District

Consultants: Shawna Ley, Interiors Solution Consultant; Stephen Gower, Demco Design Supervisor

Population Served: 400 students

Completion Date: August 2017