Award-Winning EDspaces Classroom Using Biophilic Design

Leading learning environment designers are using biophilic design, which includes incorporating elements of nature into the learning environment, to positively influence students’ well-being and increase academic achievement.

To help you envision what biophilic design could look like in your own classroom, Demco’s learning environment designers collaborated with Plunkett Raysich Architects to create this experimental and inspirational 3,600-square-foot classroom, featured at EDspaces 2019.

Within the classroom, mobility and flexibility are key, with different modes of learning supported by three distinct zones: the glen, the clearing, and the forest edge. The materials within each zone were carefully chosen to encourage focus, learning, and well-being by mimicking natural environments and making connections to the natural world.

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Location: EDspaces Conference 2019

Designer: Stephen Gower, Demco Design Supervisor

Completion Date: October 2019