Barneveld School District, WI

After passing a referendum to build a new elementary wing and overhaul their middle and high school wing, Barneveld School District’s main goal was to create a shared K–12 building that would be just as inviting to seniors as it was to kindergartners.

After ending a frustrating relationship with their first furniture vendor, Barneveld leaders were left short on time. They reached out to Demco to help them design and equip learning environments that would support student achievement into the future. The first phase of the project included the K–12 library and media center; 15 elementary classrooms, including two special education classrooms; an art room; two commons areas; and the administrative offices. The second phase was focused on the band room, the health room, and a science classroom in the middle and high school wing.

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Location: Barneveld, WI

Client: Barneveld School District

Consultants: Lynne Gruneberg, Interiors Solution Consultant and Amber Benesch, Interior Designer

Population Served: about 450 students

Completed Date: May 2019, September 2019