Top 5 Coding Products for All Ages

Computer programming has been identified as a new literacy that’s critical to success in the 21st century workplace, and schools and libraries are taking the lead in using coding products to ensure young and old alike have access to the skills and knowledge they need to master it.

Multiple coding products are available, from those that teach the most basic principles to those that allow for advanced applications. Here are some of the top coding products that make programming fun and accessible for learners of all ages.

Children using fun coding products


There’s no better time than toddler age to start kids on their way to coding success. The years from birth to 5 are a pivotal learning period in a child’s life, and with Cubetto, even kids as young as 3 can learn to code. The best part? No screen time!

Cubetto is designed to mimic the chunky, durable toys that young children are used to playing with. The friendly wooden robot teaches the basics of computer programming through hands-on play and incorporates a coding language that kids can touch and manipulate. Each block is an action — forward, left, right, or function. Kids place the blocks on the control board to tell the robot where to go, hit the blue GO button, and watch as their program is executed. Tactile and inclusive, Cubetto features blocks in different shapes and requires no reading skills, eliminating language barriers. There’s little to no prep time required to use Cubetto, which makes it as fun for educators as for their students!

Cubetto is one the best coding products for ages birth to 5.


One of the best coding products for kids and adults alike to get started with programming and design thinking is Cubelets Robot Blocks. No knowledge of coding is required, making it easy for kids as young as 4 to snap the magnetic faces together and watch a new robot come to life. Cubelets come in three types — Sense blocks, Action blocks, and Think blocks, and every arrangement creates a unique robot with its own behaviors based on its construction. There’s no wrong way to build, and Brick Adapters even let curious creators pair Cubelets with LEGO® and other brick-building toys. More advanced builders can utilize Bluetooth Cubelets to create remote-control robots or reprogram their Cubelets.

Cubelets are one the best coding products for kids and adults alike.

Ready to Get Started With Coding?

Are you thinking about introducing your students to coding, but you’re not sure where to start? Download the Guide to Elementary Coding Activities to learn why the classroom is the perfect place to teach programming skills. Plus, get step-by-step instructions for 10 educator-designed activities focused on the most popular coding tools.

Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity

For kids ages 5 and up, the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity is a fun way to provide a hands-on introduction to coding concepts. No reading is required, making it perfect for pre-readers and eliminating any language barriers. Kids build a maze and use the coding cards to program a sequence of steps to create a path for Colby, the robot mouse, to find the cheese! The coding cards match the colorful buttons on the mouse for easy programming and sequencing. Another programmable robot mouse, Jack, can be added for multiple players. Both mice light up, make sounds, feature two speeds, and can be used on different surfaces.

Code & Go is one of the best coding products for kids ages 5 and up.

Dash Robot

Get started rocking, rolling, and coding with Dash, a clever robot that can be programmed to dance, light up, make sounds, react to voice commands, and much more. Using free apps on a smartphone or tablet, kids ages 6 and up will love bringing Dash to life, learning to code as they go. In-app challenges provide hundreds of hours of STEM learning. And for an extra “dash” of fun, kids can use accessories to turn the robot into things like a bulldozer or a catapult, creating engaging play opportunities and capturing kids’ imaginations.

Dash is one of the best coding products for kids ages 6 and up.


Introduce coding concepts to kids and adults in a fun and creative way with Ozobot. No screens are needed to get started — users can control Ozobot Bit and Evo robots by creating OzoCodes with colored markers. The Ozobot will move along the colored lines and explore each unique path. Once users have mastered coding with colors, they can advance to using the OzoBlockly app to program their bot’s movements, speed, and LED light. OzoBlockly is designed for use by everyone from pre-readers to experienced adults. Both Bit and Evo can also be connected to companion apps that offer more creative coding challenges.

Ozobot is one of the best coding products for pre-readers to adults.


Heidi Green

Heidi Green

As the Product Manager for Learning Materials at Demco, Heidi provides innovative makerspace and programming solutions for schools and libraries. She also uses her extensive background in design and product development to lead a team that creates engaging Upstart Promotions products to help libraries motivate and inspire readers of all ages.