Sit Down – Transforming Libraries — Seating with a Purpose

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Most of the seating featured in our Product Spotlight is only available through Demco Interiors. And what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Options abound.

Libraries 2014 — A Whole New Place

More than ever, libraries are becoming active centers that connect people, information and services. Changing library usage patterns have reinforced many libraries’ decisions to reconfigure spaces to increase the square footage devoted to services, programs and technology. Seating in these spaces needs to be many things at once — flexible, durable, attractive and unique.

Seating Chameleons

In addition, today’s seating easily adapts to your space, mixes and matches well, and plays nicely with coordinating accessories (i.e., tables, power pods, etc.). You can establish different zones throughout your library with versatile pieces from the same seating line. For example, you can have an individual seating area seamlessly blending in with a conversation-friendly modular seating area.

In addition, today’s seating offers libraries more flexibility to rearrange spaces to fit your library’s needs. Some libraries also allow patrons to reconfigure and move seating as they see fit (casters make it easy).

Zeroing in Your Selections

Whether you are updating an existing space or carving out a new one, there are seating styles to accomplish your goals. To identify the right kind of seating for your library, DEMCO Interiors’ team of designers recommends:

  • Using variations of a single seating line to make large spaces look unified. For example, many chairs are available with or without arms, low backs or high backs, casters or legs.
  • Opting for mobile, flexible-use pieces in open areas/rooms that need to be frequently rearranged for different activities.
  • Matching seating to function. Throughout the library, consider seating with acoustic properties to muffle sound. Conversation areas can have lounge-style seating. Semi-private or “spaces within spaces” groupings help people effectively collaborate with fewer distractions.
  • Providing power access. How convenient to plug devices into chairs! To pull this off, you’ll also need outlets in the right places. When DEMCO Interiors conducts a customer needs assessment at the beginning of a project, the designers map out power source options, such as columns feeding power from the ceiling or “daisy chaining” power in conjunction with contemporary lounge systems.
  • Offering some privacy. Seating with high backs or free-standing screens offer private conversation areas without taking up a lot of space.

How will you position your library for the future?

This is an exciting time to imagine your library in new ways, and explore expert design solutions that will make your vision come true. Use Demco’s product spotlights (like this one), blog posts and free webinars to find more creative ideas.


Angie Schoeneck

Angie Schoeneck

Growth Strategy Manager at Demco, Inc.
Angie is the Growth Strategy Manager at Demco. She focuses on the evolving needs and trends in education and library environments, their patrons and communities, and translating these into relevant products and services. She has an extensive background in new product development, product management and business process improvement.