4 Must-Have Furniture Products for Your Makerspace

Demco's Makerspace FurnitureWhen it comes to furnishing your makerspace, it can be tricky finding the right pieces to meet all of your needs. You want makerspace furniture that not only brings out the creativity in makers, but also helps you stay organized and gives you plenty of storage — often in a confined space.

We’ve done some of the research for you and compiled a list of four essential makerspace furniture products that were created based on feedback from librarians and educators. These innovative pieces were designed with mobility, convenience, and creativity in mind to give you the tools you need to keep your makerspace neat and organized while leaving plenty of space for what’s most important — making and creating!

Demco® Mobile Storage Benches

One of the most common issues librarians and educators face in their makerspace design is space — or lack thereof. How can you fit makerspace furniture like storage and seating in your space, and still have plenty of room left for creating? Demco Mobile Storage Benches can help solve this familiar dilemma. Constructed of sturdy Baltic birch, these dual-duty benches provide convenient storage and comfy seating in one attractive piece of furniture. Locking casters make them easy to move, giving you the ability to move seating and supplies into — or out of — your project area as needed.

Two storage options are available: Enclosed locking storage, with optional stacking tubs, allows you to securely store supplies after activities, while open-tray storage provides quick and easy access to organized tools and supplies. Both options come with thick vinyl cushions that are not only comfortable, but antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and tear-resistant.

Demco® Gear Guard™ Makerspace STEM Table

Have you ever lost small pieces of projects or stepped on stray Lego bricks? The Gear Guard Makerspace STEM Table helps you keep all makerspace activity components where you want them — on the table. The 2-inch rim around this table keeps small parts, rolling pieces, and moving bots off the floor and at users’ fingertips. A high-pressure laminate tabletop provides a highly durable, long-lasting work surface, and the large activity space allows plenty of room for collaborative projects. This stable, mobile table also features steel legs and locking casters, giving you the ability to easily position it where it is most convenient in your space. An optional  undermounted storage system features four removable tote trays to stow supplies and materials conveniently with the table, while allowing plenty of space for users to perch on stools with ample leg room.

Demco® Gear Guard Mobile STEM Workstation

If you want an easy way to contain and store all of the tools and pieces for a project, as well as the freedom to easily move projects from room to room, the Gear Guard Mobile STEM Workstation may be the solution you’re looking for. Perfect for docking alongside the Gear Guard STEM Table, this convenient on-the-go project hub features raised-rim surfaces to keep parts and tools from hitting the floor, both during activities and while on the move. The high-pressure laminate surface provides a durable workspace, while two deep shelves offer handy, easy-to-access storage, and locking casters ensure stability wherever you go.

Demco® Mobile Build ‘n’ Write Board

Wall space is often a rare commodity in a makerspace. The dual-sided Mobile Build ‘n’ Write Board seamlessly combines creativity and convenience, providing two valuable work surfaces without using any precious wall space. One side features a large, green Lego-compatible surface, along with convenient storage trays to keep building bricks in one place. The equally sized write-and-wipe board on the other side is perfect for planning projects and features an integrated ledge for markers and erasers. It’s also magnetic, making it ideal for a variety of activities, including Tumble Trax™ marble runs. Locking casters provide both stability and mobility, so the creativity can happen anywhere and you can store the board where it is most convenient.


Rhonda Strojinc

Rhonda Strojinc

As the New Solutions Development Manager for Demco, Rhonda taps into customer needs to serve as inspiration for new product ideas. Using her extensive background in product development and marketing, she looks for opportunities to improve her customers’ experience by creating products that better meet their needs. Rhonda enjoys attending seminars, conducting research, and volunteering at local libraries to gain insights firsthand. Her background includes product development with an educational products company and a master’s degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago.