On-trend Products for Today’s Libraries

As libraries continue their shift to dynamic community centers, they’re linking residents to information, services, technology and other people within their own community, and globally. This has prompted new and exciting emerging library trends. At the top of the list of priorities for today’s libraries:

  • Designing multifunctional spaces that offer flexibility and variety to better support physical, virtual and human resources.
  • Focusing on visual merchandising of assets.
  • Creating a recognizable brand identity within their community.

In our continued quest to find innovative library furniture solutions that can support these emerging trends, we have uncovered a few new treasures.

Waltzer by ABF Works

Today’s libraries are multifunctional destinations, where customers can connect with a broader range of resources; a quiet comfortable space to connect with a good book, a technology rich space to connect to a global world, a social space to connect with others, and a contemplative place to connect with one’s self. This can be a lot to accomplish with space constraints. As a result, products that support multiple functions as well as incorporate flexibility are a must.

ABF Works’ new Waltzer seating line does just that. One high back Waltzer lounge facing the window provides a quiet study space. Grouped together these lounge chairs provide a private meeting space or gathering place. Each lounge is fitted with casters allowing users to easily change the space themselves. Also, when incorporating a desk unit, Waltzer becomes a modern study carrel. With a work surface measuring 5’6” wide x 1’9” deep, users have ample space for their technology, books and other materials and the ability to relocate their workstation to improve their personal comfort.

Hive from Palmer Hamilton

Palmer Hamilton’s Hive answers the call for variety with a single modular furniture system. Different from the concept of flexibility, variety allows users to change the quality of their space by simply moving to another area. This is done by creating zones equipped with different types of furniture throughout the space. These zones allow for instant change and for learning activities to be perfectly matched to the environments that best suit a user’s personal preferences.

A silver award winner at NeoCon 2014, Hive is versatile system with a range of backs, benches, screens and work rails that make this one product the solution for creating different functional zones. The arrangements to support a variety of functions are endless. Specify a mix of components to create a teleconferencing booth, or quiet study cube. The line also offers acoustical canopies fitted with lighting to create a private meeting room within a larger open area. Hive modules can be straight or curved and are available in a choice of widths. The components have been designed to integrate power modules and data ports and can accommodate flat panel monitors.

Moxie Graphic Panel System by Takeform

With a greater focus on visual merchandising and more libraries organizing their collections with a word-based style of subject categories, the use of imagery can help customers connect with materials and the different functional zones in today’s libraries. Libraries are thinking more about their brand identity and how the items they bring into their space support their overall message. Demco and DEMCO Interiors will be continuing to grow our new Find Your Way™ product offering to provide customers with products to fit their signage and wayfinding needs, while maintaining a consistent and unified look, enhancing the library’s brand identity. One of our favorite new products from our Find Your Way category is the Moxie Panel System by Takeform. Moxie is a large format graphic panel system in 10 standard sizes:

Standard Widths: 11”, 23”, 47”
Standard Heights: 11”, 23”, 35”, 47”, 71”, 95” (max).

Each is a direct print on a lightweight aluminum composite panel. The image is protected by a moisture, UV, chemical and scratch resistant overlay that preserves color and extends life. Panels can be printed on a single side and mounted to a wall or at the end of a shelving range. Printed on both sides, panels can be hung from the ceiling for high impact signage or a unique way to define an area or section off a space.

OpenStudio™ Laminates by Furniture Lab

With Furniture Lab’s OpenStudio Laminates, there are even more opportunities to have your library furniture take part in your branding message. The OpenStudio line offers a variety of fun patterns with the ability to customize the scale and color of the pattern to create a unique design. Using the online design tool, changing the colors and/or scale of the graphics can be done with a click of a button. Use the same pattern in different colors to identify different areas or select a few complementary patterns in the same color story. For not much more than the cost of a regular laminate table, you can provide a custom table unique to each environment.

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Marisa Amara

Marisa Amara

Marisa currently works as a consultant on dozens of library space planning and furniture design projects as an associate of Kimberly Bolan and Associates. Previously, she was the Marketing Manager for DEMCO Interiors and continues to consult with the DEMCO Interiors project team through design and furniture specification stages of their large projects. Additionally, she manages DEMCO Interiors' contact programs for architects, designers and consultants and has written several articles on current library trends, space planning and design for libraries. Her experience includes extensive background in product development, furniture project sales and architect and design market relationship development. This has given Marisa in-depth understanding of libraries, their spaces and the furniture needs.