Create an Engaging Outdoor Classroom in a Hurry

Outdoor LearningFor schools, social distancing requirements mean learning space will be at a premium this fall. Each school will have different needs, but most will find they are having to think outside the box, or even outside their school, to find the room to keep students and teachers safe.

Besides the needed space it gives students to spread out, outdoor classrooms are known to have many benefits for learning, including an increase in the following:

If your school has the space to take learning outside, consider these 11 products to help keep students comfortable and learning indoors or outdoors.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Classroom

Surf Portable Work Surfaces can be taken outdoors or anywhere. Surf Portable Work Surface

These lightweight, durable work surfaces are designed to help kids and teens create an instant place to sit and work anywhere they go, including on a chair, on the floor, outside, or anywhere. The corresponding storage rack makes it easy to roll a set of these stackable chairs outside, where you can create a socially distanced desk arrangement, and their polypropylene surface allows for simple disinfecting.

Tenjam Hex Seating is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. Tenjam Hex Seating

These stacking stools are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and their carrying handle makes it quick and easy for students to grab their seat and transition to outdoor learning. Both the stool and cushion are simple to disinfect.

Traffic cones can help you cordon off your outdoor classrooms. Traffic Cones

Quickly cordon off your outdoor classroom with traffic cones, and help students clearly identify the areas they can and cannot go.

Create Safe and Engaging Learning Spaces

Browse work surfaces, learning tools, and safety products that can help you keep students healthy, engaged, and on track for learning this school year.

Individual whiteboards can engage students indoors or outdoors. Personal Whiteboards

Lightweight, individual whiteboards provide a fun way to test student comprehension, work through problems, and play games — and they’re easily portable. Classpacks provide each student with their own dry-erase marker and eraser, eliminating the need to share supplies. Students can also use them to play games and work with partners at a distance.

Classroom caddies let students take their personal supplies anywhere. Classroom Caddy

Students can tote their personal caddy from their indoor classroom to their outdoor classroom and have their supplies at their sides at all times.

The Teach ‘N’ Go Cart allows you to take your supplies outside. Teach ‘N’ Go Cart

Take all your supplies outside with this combination durable cart and instructional surface. With a whiteboard, chart paper, and tubs, you can pack everything you need to teach lessons outdoors. Locking casters ensure your cart stays in place as you teach.

Floor cushions can be used outdoors and can be easily wiped down. Floor Cushions

Students can carry easy-clean floor cushions outdoors for a comfortable spot to sit. If they’re up and moving about for activities, the colorful cushions provide a clear indicator for where they should return to sit.

The Offi Molded Stacking Chair is easy to clean and transport outside. Molded Stacking Chairs

These virtually indestructible chairs give students a comfy spot to sit indoors or outdoors and stack on top of each other when not in use. Their polypropylene surface and one-piece construction makes them simple to disinfect.

The Demco® LibraryQuiet™ 3 Flat Shelf Booktruck allows you to take your library supplies anywhere, inside or outside.Traveling Library

Make your library program mobile with rolling carts to carry books from your collection, storage bins, and a wireless scanner. Consider creating outdoor displays with a line of books. Lead students on a story walk as you booktalk each book in the line.

Signage helps you direct students inside the school and to outside classrooms. Signage

Show classes the way to their designated learning space with write-on-wipe-off directional signs.


Liz Bowie

Liz Bowie

Marketing Content Manager at Demco, Inc.
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