The Book Doctor’s “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Challenge

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?
Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

You’ve been studying and practicing book repair so diligently that we thought you deserved a break for some fun and games. How about a contest with a fun prize?

When our first daughter was very young we loved to work together on the Hidden Pictures™ in Highlights Magazine but found it difficult to wait a month between issues. We found some relief when the local newspaper began including What’s Wrong with this Picture? quizzes in the Sunday comics. Later we discovered entire puzzle books filled with hidden pictures and What’s Wrong quizzes — woo-hoo— constant instant gratification. But I missed the anticipation of waiting for the monthly puzzle.

I’ve been reflecting on those days because that daughter just presented us with grandbaby #1. I’m wondering if he’ll ever get to experience the excitement of seeing a long-anticipated publication finally arrive in the mail and then maybe waiting just bit longer before opening it to prolong that excitement. I expect he’ll be able to instantly access What’s Wrong quizzes without ever experiencing the anticipation we felt.

So, in my grandson Zachary Tiger Hsu’s honor we are introducing our first Book Repair “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Challenge. We will do additional contests from time-to-time but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait longer than a month between them.

Here is the cover of our book repair manual as it was printed in 2005. There is one highly noticeable error in the photo. I promise there’s no trick here; it’s very easy to spot.

You could win this Demco Deluxe Book Care Kit
The results are in for the Book Doctor’s “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Challenge.

Over 400 of you submitted guesses in response to the Book Doctor’s “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” Challenge. John Ison asked if you could tell what was amiss in this picture. And the correct answer? The national library symbol is backwards.

Congratulations to Pam Czarniak from Dunkirk Free Library who will receive the Demco Deluxe Book Care Kit valued at $250.


John Ison

John Ison

John Ison retired in 2011 after working with Demco for more than 25 years, most recently as the Director of Library Relations. During that time he conducted over 300 book repair workshops, wrote the Demco Collection Care Guide, and wrote and produced the Demco Collection Care DVD.