Adult Activity Calendar: June 2019

Inspire your patrons to spend quality time at the library this summer! The June calendar features display suggestions, interesting dates in history, and creative adult library program ideas to celebrate not only LGBT Pride Month, but also fun days like Global Running Day and Nature Photography Day. So grab your running shoes and a good book, and get summer off to a spectacular start!

Download a printable 8.5″ x 11″ calendar.

Download a printable 11″ x 17″ calendar.

Adult Library Program Ideas Calendar June 2019


Trisha Frankland

Trisha Frankland

Co-director at Lodi Public Library
Trish is a lifelong book geek, self-proclaimed word nerd, and regionally famous quilter who lives in Lodi, WI. She served as editor of the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s 2018 teen manual and 2019 children’s manual. For a decade, she was co-director of the Lodi Public Library. Visit her book blog, Library Pirates, and find her on Instagram @quiltchicken.