5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine bookmarksLooking for some new ways to spread the love at your library this February? Check out these easy yet engaging activities that kids are sure to fall in love with!

1. Kindness Grows on Trees

Create tree branches on a bulletin board out of brown construction paper. Title the board, “Kindness Grows on Trees!” Give each student a cutout paper heart. Put the names of all the students in the class in a jar, and have each student draw a name. The student should write all of the nice things they can think of about that person on the heart. When all of the hearts are complete, attach them to the branches.

2. StickTogetherTM Collaborative Mosaic Posters

StickTogether Valentine HeartThis fun, collaborative activity is a great way to bring kids together. Display the Valentine Heart poster grid on a wall or bulletin board, and place the color key and colored stickers nearby, along with the instructions. Kids can add stickers to the poster during down time, or you can let them add a set number of stickers each time you catch them doing something kind. When completed, the result is a beautiful mosaic heart made out of stickers.

3. Cool Cat Valentine’s Corner

Pete the Cat Fall in Love WIth Books PosterHang up Upstart’s Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day poster in a cozy corner complete with bean bag chairs and paper hearts on the wall. Read aloud Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool, and leave the book in the corner along with other Pete the Cat books and Pete the Cat Valentine’s bookmarks.
Set out crayons, markers, stickers and other art supplies. Provide copies of the hearts and shoes from pages 5 and 7 of Upstart’s Celebrate Year-round with Pete the Cat Activity Guide, along with the Valentine pattern from petethecatbooks.com. Invite students to decorate the hearts and shoes to hang on the wall and use the pattern to make valentines for their classmates or family members.

4. We Love to Read

Eric Carle LOVE TO READ PosterCreate an interactive Valentine-themed reading bulletin board. Display Upstart’s Eric Carle Love Poster in the middle of the board. Add Valentine accents, such as flowers, butterflies and so on. Provide heart cutouts in different colors. Have each student write something they love to read on a heart and add it to the board. They can write the title of a book, an author’s name, a genre, etc. After they post at least one heart, they can take an Eric Carle “I Love to Read” bookmark.

5. Perfect Match

Cut out an even number of hearts from construction paper. Decide on a theme for a matching game, such as author/book title, character name/book title or genre/book title. Write one name or title per heart to create matching pairs. Flip the hearts over and lay them out. Have pairs of students compete to find as many matches as they can.

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Elesa Swirgsdin

Elesa Swirgsdin

Upstart Editor at Demco, Inc.
Elesa is the editor for the Upstart brand at Demco and manages the content for the Collaborative Summer Library Program manuals. An avid lifelong reader, she is passionate about helping librarians inspire kids of all ages to love reading.