10 Products to Help You Create Personal Learning Spaces

10 Products to Help You Create Personal Learning SpacesFor school districts opening their doors this fall, keeping students physically distanced is top of mind. Along with this comes concern about making sure students have the tools they need to learn effectively.

In other districts, students will attend school virtually, at least for the start of the year. Ensuring they have comfortable spaces to learn at home and the tools they need to engage through online learning is on educators’ minds as well.

Keep reading to learn about 10 tools that can help you create personal learning spaces in school and at home where students can thrive.

Tools for Creating Safe and Engaging Personal Learning Spaces

Desk Barriers

Set students up for success with individual barriers that provide protection against airborne droplets and keep sight lines clear. You can secure this economical option to desks or other work surfaces with the included Velcro tabs. Students can also easily transport the 1-pound barrier to other learning areas.

This polycarbonate desktop barrier also offers students clear sight lines and protection from airborne droplets, allowing students and teachers to interact seamlessly.

To ensure proper social distancing, you can separate each student desk by 6 feet and place a barrier atop each, or you can arrange barriers back-to-back to create separation for students working in groups at round tables.

Surf Portable Work Surfaces let kids take a portable work surface anywhere they go. Surf Portable Work Surface

Learning may need to take place in some unusual places this school year — in the gymnasium, cafeteria, hallways, at home, or even outside. This personal, portable desk offers a convenient writing surface and a seat all in one and can be taken anywhere. Designed for students 6 and up, the desks stack together to save space when not in use and offer fun, flexible seating options for years to come.

Surf desks also offer an affordable, space-saving option for virtual learners. Kids can create an instant personal learning space anywhere in their home with this convenient work surface that holds notebooks or laptops.

Individual whiteboards are a key tool for virtual and in-person learning. Individual Whiteboards

Write-and-wipe surfaces provide the perfect template for ideation. With class packs of 12 or 30, you can ensure that each student has their own writable surface, marker, and eraser with them wherever they go. They’ll have fun playing interactive classroom games, working through math problems, practicing spelling, and more. 

In a home setting, personal whiteboards offer an engaging way to interact with students over video, as dry-erase markers and surfaces tend to appeal to students more than the usual paper and pencil for working through problems. During instruction or quizzes, have students hold up their answers on their whiteboards or play Pictionary with vocabulary words. 

In both in-person and virtual settings, personal whiteboards are also great for occupying students with a quick drawing assignment while you work with other students.

Personal headphones cut down on distraction during virtual learning. Personal Headphones

Cut down on the transfer of germs (and head lice) in school by making sure that each student has their own personal set of headphones or earbuds.  

With parents often working from home or multiple children in the home attending school virtually, personal headphones are a must to keep noise levels and distractions to a minimum.

Create Safe and Engaging Learning Spaces

Browse work surfaces, learning tools, and safety products that can help you keep students healthy, engaged, and on track for learning this school year.

Students can take personal supplies everywhere they go with the classroom caddy. Classroom Caddy

These inexpensive caddies, sold in packages of six, keep student materials separate and safe. The convenient handle allows students to take their personal supplies with them wherever they go. 

At-home learners will have a place to keep their school supplies organized and can take caddies with them as they move throughout their home to work on projects. 

Floor CushionsCarpet Squares and Floor Cushions

Give students a visual reminder to help them remember to stay seated or standing in their individual spots. Carpet squares or vinyl floor cushions can be assigned to each student for floor-level instruction as well as carried outside for outdoor learning. 

Personal antiseptic wipes help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Antiseptic Hand Wipes

Offer students and staff a portable way to wipe hands, surfaces, and supplies wherever they go. Individually wrapped disinfectant wipes are easy to carry and are safe and effective on skin for cleaning bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

Hanging bags can be used to separate student supplies. Hanging Bags

Hanging bags have long been a top choice for organizing and protecting classroom supplies. Use them in the classroom to separate students supplies, reading materials, and more. Multiple storage rack options allow you to hang bags and immediately identify their contents.

Whether you’re in-person or teaching in a hybrid or virtual model, you can send students supplies home in individual bags or provide materials to them during curbside pickup. Create book bundles, individual maker kits, and more. Assign one to each student to keep or hang the bags in quarantine before circulating again.

Storage cabinets keep student supplies separated. Storage Cabinets

The individual drawers in each cabinet offer plenty of space for individual student supplies. Label and assign a drawer to each student, and set up a system for them to take turns retrieving their supplies to maintain social distancing.

Label printers help you quickly label individual student supplies. Label Printer

Ensure each student knows exactly which supplies are his or hers by labeling individual items in your classroom. This printer has a 50-label memory, which makes this process go much more quickly than hand-labeling.


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