Collaborative Spaces

October 9, 2013

In this Demco-sponsored webcast, Traci Lesneski from MSR joins Janet Nelson, Demco’s Director of Library Markets, to discuss the building blocks of developing great collaborative spaces in your library. With today’s technology we can collaborate anytime, anywhere and with anyone around the globe. But sometimes we need to be face-to-face, and we need spaces that don’t merely allow collaboration to take place — but rather, elevate working collaboratively. For libraries, providing furniture that supports group work or a whiteboard and monitor on the wall of a study room are a good start. But collaborative space demands much more thought and planning to be successful.

Learn how:

  1. Changing learning models lead to new solutions

  2. Adaptability can make the most of your space

  3. Spaces can accommodate the needs of various groups

  4. Collaborative spaces and tools continue to evolve


Traci Lesneski

Traci Lesneski

Principal at MSR
Traci has been with MSR since 1996 and has 21 years of experience designing compelling learning spaces. As head of interiors and a principal with the firm, Traci uses an integrated design approach involving multiple disciplines. Her designs factor in users' experience, comfort as well as productivity and aesthetics. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is a regular guest lecturer there. Traci has made a name for herself as an inspiring designer and international speaker, presenting workshops and discussions about library design. She has presented at the ALA Annual Conference for the past 4 years and recently presented a talk entitled, “Reset: Transforming Mid 20th-Century Libraries to Meet 21st-Century Needs” at the IFLA Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. She has written articles for New Library World and Library Journal. Traci is currently chair of the ALA LLAMA/BES Architecture for Public Libraries Committee and also serves on the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section Standing Committee.


Janet Nelson

Janet Nelson

Director of Library Engagement and Solutions at Demco, Inc.
Janet is currently the Director of Library Engagement and Solutions at Demco. She manages and develops relationships with key industry contacts to understand changing library trends and interpret that direction into appropriate products and services. She also has an extensive background in product management and development, as well as experience working with library clients on interior projects. Her previous roles have included Director of Library Markets, Director of Industry Relations & Marketing Communications and Director of Business Development.