Make Your Own Makerspace

April 24, 2014

In this Demco-sponsored webcast, Library Technology Consultant, Carson Block, from Carson Block Consulting Inc. joins Demco’s Director of Library Markets, Janet Nelson to discuss what makerspaces are all about. As the maker movement has become more popular, the term “makerspace” has become a buzzword in libraries, but not everyone understands what they are. Are they high tech, low tech or no tech? Do they need a lot of room? Are they noisy and messy? And what role do partners play? This fun webinar will introduce you to the makerspace movement and provide tips on how you can create a makerspace in your own library — even if you’re tight on space!

During this webinar, participants will:

  1. Learn what makerspaces are

  2. Develop an understanding around the different types of makerspaces

  3. Learn about the spaces needed for a makerspace

  4. Understand the role of partners

  5. Gain inspiration for creating your own makerspace


Carson Block

Carson Block

Library Consultant at Carson Block Consulting
Carson Block has led, managed and supported library technology efforts for more than 20 years. His efforts at his first library position at the Loveland, Colorado Public Library (beginning in 1994) resulted in the first broadband Internet connection and public access computers for the library. Carson brings a user-centered technological perspective, with an emphasis on solutions that are both transparent and powerful, with some “gee whiz” thrown into the mix. Carson also teaches a library technology management class accredited by the American Library Association.


Janet Nelson

Janet Nelson

Director of Library Engagement and Solutions at Demco, Inc.
Janet is currently the Director of Library Engagement and Solutions at Demco. She manages and develops relationships with key industry contacts to understand changing library trends and interpret that direction into appropriate products and services. She also has an extensive background in product management and development, as well as experience working with library clients on interior projects. Her previous roles have included Director of Library Markets, Director of Industry Relations & Marketing Communications and Director of Business Development.