How to Create Safe and Active Learning Environments

March 15, 2018,
2:00 p.m. ET / 1:00 p.m. CT

You probably know that the design of your learning environment matters, but did you know that it can affect student progress by up to 25 percent? In this webinar, you’ll hear from seasoned Learning Environment Designer Marci Milius on the differences between traditional learning spaces and active learning environments. This includes examining modern literacies and instructional models and how they impact your space design and your collection. We’ll also cover student safety and what you need to think about when choosing furniture for your library.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why learning environments are changing and how you can adapt your space.
  2. How modern literacies and instructional models affect learning environments.
  3. How to support a variety of learning types in your library.
  4. Safety concerns and what to look for when choosing furniture.

All webinars are archived and will be available to watch a couple of days after the original air date.


Marci Milius

Marci Milius

Learning Environment Designer at Douglas County School District
Marci has been working in education for 22 years. Five years ago, she embarked on a journey to support the redesign of libraries into learning commons in Douglas County School District. Her work has expanded into classrooms, offices and even wide spots in the hallways. In the last three years as the Learning Environment Designer, she has completed more than 195 spaces to support the students of DCSD. She has designed educational furniture for manufacturers and consulted on the design of four libraries in the Middle East. She has also presented at several national, state and local conferences, sharing how active learning environments support learners. Marci’s passion is to support students, and she does that by listening to the needs of both teachers and students.


Liz Bowie

Liz Bowie

Marketing Content Manager at Demco, Inc.
Liz is the Marketing Content Manager for Demco. Her background includes editorial management and product development of innovative and time-saving tools for schools and libraries, with an emphasis on Common Core, literacy and math. The products she and her team have developed, including classroom games, learning centers and professional development resources, have garnered 46 industry awards for excellence in education. Liz is passionate about promoting literacy through her work and the work of others. If you are interested in sharing your ideas and programming tips on Demco’s Ideas and Inspiration blog or have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered, contact Liz at