Children’s Activity Calendar: December 2015

December is the perfect month to spread cheer throughout your library! This month’s many holidays and celebrations focus on families, cultures and traditions, while special observances such as Write to a Friend Month encourage us to reach out to those we hold near and dear. So pull up a plate of cookies on National Cookie Day, grab a glass of eggnog on National Eggnog day, and celebrate all that December has to offer!

Download a printable 8.5″ x 11″ version of the calendar.

December 2015 Calendar


Heidi Green

Heidi Green

Heidi is the Product Development Manager for Library Markets at Demco. For over 25 years, she and her team have been developing engaging products through Upstart Promotions to help libraries motivate and inspire readers of all ages. Their publications through UpstartBooks, LIbrarySparks Magazine, and the Very Ready Reading Program provide school and public libraries with comprehensive early literacy and youth programming.