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  • Dodie Singer March 3, 2015 @ 2:29 pm Reply

    Hi Michelle,

    Enjoyed your thoughts on your library expanding in 2025. I as well put books in my library according to where they best fit in for readers of all ages. I even have them in two different sports for more viewing.
    How do you go about matching up new titles and resources to complement the curriculum? This is hard task for me and my library.
    Do you do Accelerated Reading?

  • Michelle Levy April 9, 2015 @ 11:09 am Reply

    Hi Dodie,
    No we don’t use Accelerated Reading or Reading Counts. We do assessments 3 times a year as well as it is needed.
    I feel as if finding and matching new resources for the curriculum is (always) an ongoing search, especially if it’s something we don’t have. I usually stumble across some great ideas using social media such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook also library magazines/reviews help too. I share with the teachers what I find usually through emails and/or department meetings. I also try and add a subject to the library record (650 in the MARC record). I also like asking the Great Brains of the listservs I subscribe to for help when I’m really stumped. I subscribe to LM_NET, child_lit, and my local library group.

    I hope this helps! If I can help some more, please let me know.
    Michelle Levy

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