How to Raise Student Achievement by Rethinking Your Learning Environment

May 3, 2018

Research has proven that the quality of students’ learning environment contributes to their academic success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how learning environments affect student achievement, the challenges traditional learning spaces pose and how libraries and classrooms are evolving to meet 21st century needs. We’ll also walk you through the steps of a remodel or redesign to help you better understand how our interior services experts can help make the process less complicated, less stressful and more fun!

Promoting Meaningful Making in Your School

April 5, 2018

Demco Master Maker Nicholas Provenzano, aka @thenerdyteacher, talks meaningful making and how to create an inclusive learning environment that supports the Maker Mindset. Learn the different ways you can implement and diversify your makerspace to meet the needs of all students and staff.

How to Create Safe and Active Learning Environments

March 15, 2018

Join Learning Environment Designer Marci Milius as she discusses the changes taking place in today’s learning environments and how you can adapt your library space to fit students’ needs and new instructional models. You’ll also get tips and advice on how to choose furniture for your space that meets safety requirements and creates an inviting environment.

A Framework for Maker Education

September 27, 2017

In this webinar, award-winning educator Mark Schreiber walks you through a step-by-step process for integrating making and maker projects throughout your library and classroom.

Planning for Growth With Inclusive Engagement

May 25, 2016

Learn how you can use proven community planning strategies to engage and support underrepresented communities at your library. This webinar with Madison Public Library’s planner covers lessons learned, scaling this to your institution and more.

Trends and Best Practices to Ease Mobile Technology Integration

December 2, 2015

With 69% of library patrons using mobile applications to access information, it is more important than ever for libraries to have a mobile strategy. Draw from the real-world experiences of our expert presenters and learn about mobile-user engagement and emerging technologies — important considerations in the development of your own mobile strategy.

Library as Center for Innovation

November 18, 2015

In an age of information abundance, libraries are a natural fit for creativity and innovation spaces. In this webinar, Traci Lesneski of MSR Architects will discuss creating a flexible, supportive environment and increasing your value to your community.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: Early Literacy DIY

October 21, 2015

Thinking of extending early literacy learning into the homes in your community? 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten initiatives are a great way to give families the tools they need to prepare their children for later reading success.

Library Experiences That Engage Young Readers

October 7, 2015

Even the most reluctant readers can be engaged through programming that brings reading to life. In this webinar, you’ll learn new ways to help kids in your community discover their deepest interests and a passion for reading.

Playful Learning in the Library

September 16, 2015

Step inside a beautiful renovation that combined the best parts of libraries and museums to create the ultimate hands-on active learning space; encouraging the development of literacy skills through play.

The Recipe for Leadership Success

May 13, 2015

Are you a librarian who aspires to lead in new ways, grow your skills or take on more responsibility? Check out this webinar to gain professional development ideas that will benefit your career, helping you become a more impactful leader.

Developing Irresistible Teen Programs

January 14, 2015

Having trouble connecting with today’s teenagers? This webinar is for you! Join teen programming expert Sarah Flowers as she discusses what it takes to draw teens into the library, including budgeting, planning, marketing and more.

Saugerties Public Library, Saugerties, NY

New Approaches to Existing Spaces

November 5, 2014

Your library space needs everything but a kitchen sink. How do you accomplish multiple renovation projects on a limited budget? Dan Meehan from HBM Architects gives you fresh approaches for reevaluating your layout, proposing changes and supporting your vision for the future.

Onalaska Public Library, WI

Wayfinding the San José Way

September 10, 2014

San José Public Library learned that customer experiences and wayfinding go hand in hand during their district-wide building and renovation project. Ruth Barefoot, Library Consultant, demonstrates the strategies and lessons learned in the journey to improve library service models.

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Engaging Your Community with Facebook

May 21, 2014

With all the great stuff going on at your library who wouldn’t want everyone and their brother to be part of the fun!? Engage your community with Facebook! This session gets you up to speed on the latest Facebook updates and helps you create a successful ad!


Make Your Own Makerspace

April 24, 2014

Maybe you know what a makerspace is or maybe you don’t — either way, your gears will be turning during this on-demand webinar as you hear how your library can be a place of creation, not just consumption.

Colorful Space

Make It Last: Choosing Colors, Fabrics & Finishes

February 6, 2014

Not sure how to choose enduring colors and finishes for your spaces? Looking for practical advice on how to make your library dazzle yet hold up to the raucous demands of everyday use? This webinar provides the guidance you need.

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No Thanks! I Don’t Want to Learn Anything New!

January 15, 2014

You know that person who resists new ideas? Before you lose your cool, watch this webinar! Library consultant, Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, teaches you how to help reluctant staff reenergize themselves to take on new challenges and keep up with changing demands.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative Spaces

October 9, 2013

Collaboration has become a way of life and it needs spaces where it can come alive! Watch this webinar to learn what it takes to develop progressive and effective collaborative spaces in your library.

Anyone Can Write a Grant

September 19, 2013

Grant writing can be daunting, but in this webinar, library consultant Catherine Hakala-Ausperk will help you and your staff to overcome rejection fears, write effective proposals and start bringing in more money!

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Marketing for Everyone

May 15, 2013

Coach your whole staff to see things through a new lens — your patrons’ point of view. This webinar helps you transform librarians into natural born marketers who spread the good word and keep patrons coming back!

Toddler with book

The Very Ready Reading Program

April 10, 2013

Looking for a research-based early literacy solution? Hear about the science behind The Very Ready Program, how to maximize children’s brain development and 7 ways to easily get parents involved.

Teen Space

Innovations in Teen Spaces

March 6, 2013

Whether your budget is big or small, this webinar can help you create the ultimate teen space! Library consultant, Kimberly Bolan Cullin, updates you on new teen space trends, digital creativity and interactivity, collaboration spaces and more.

Tomorrow … From the Beginning

October 3, 2012

How long is your to-do list? This webinar will help everyone — from seasoned professionals to newbies — better handle their work, their stress and their time!