1. Joanne Zemotel June 30, 2017 @ 2:10 pm Reply

    Help! I have a green cloth covered 1953 ed. of Kipling’s Jungle Book (it was mine in the 4th grade and the Teacher let us choose a copy to keep at the end of the school year–my book had an ink stain spilled over the swatzsticka on the cover and I was lucky to get this same copy to keep). The problem is the entire cover has detached from the book. The pages are intact and still bound by thread . I cannot afford to purchase any do-it-yourself kits, and would love to give this (repaired) book to my 11 year-old grandson. I watched the demo video, but it was for repairing a detached spine, not the whole cover. My brother suggested Elmer’s School Glue, but I don’t think that is the way to do the repair. Thank you for your kind assistance!

  2. John Ison John Ison July 9, 2017 @ 5:12 pm Reply


    This is a fairly simple repair that we addressed in our blog post some time ago titled “The Book Doctor is In: Rebuilding Broken Books (Part 2)”. Here is the link directly to that posting:

    The process is also shown in detail in our Book Repair Video. Here is the link to the appropriate part of that video (insert link to part 10 of the video Reattaching a torn-off cover of a library book.)

    There are two things I’d like to be sure you are aware of:
    •The appearance of the book inside both covers will be changed a bit as the white binding tape will be visible at both hinges.
    •This repair cannot be made successfully by simply attaching a piece of flat tape between the cover and flyleaf at each hinge area. Doing so would place all of the strain of holding the text block in place on the flyleaf which would quickly fail.

    Since you don’t have the needed materials I would suggest that you visit your public library to see if they can sell—or give—you the very small amount you will need to accomplish this repair.

    I’m sure that with the help of the blog post or the video (or both!) you won’t have any difficulty repairing the book for your grandson to enjoy.


  3. chennadu scaria February 8, 2018 @ 3:19 pm Reply

    Hello John, I’m trying to put together my personal Bible. you can see its current condition: separated text block and hard cover, the text block itself split into two blocks, and the hard cover torn apart into two. Unfortunately this wasn’t a well bound Bible, and the pages are very thin and fragile. But I’d love to keep it. I purchased a roll of Demco double stitched binder tape (1-1/4″), a 4″ Demco® Poly-coated Cloth Tape, Demco® Norbond™ Liquid Plastic Adhesive glue and a bone folder and brush and all. Now I need to get to work. How do I attach the two pieces of the text block together, into one block? Stitching the signatures where it broke apart? Do I use a super on the spine on the text block, or just use the double stitched binder tape? Should I remove the think coat of glue in place at the spine of the text block before using the double stitched binder tape? Any more additional advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. John Ison John Ison February 14, 2018 @ 2:25 pm Reply

    Thank you for your excellent questions and for including the photos. Since you already have the necessary supplies it seems you’re well on your way.
    Regarding your question about bringing the two sections of the text block back together, the double-stitched binder tape will serve as your new super so nothing more needs to be done. Just follow the steps outlined in the post “Rebuilding Broken Books, Part 2”.
    You asked whether to remove a coat of glue on the spine of the text block. In the photos it appears there may be a paper super attached to the two sections of text. If that is the case, and if it’s attached securely to the text it might be best to leave it in place. However, if there is glue which has become brittle with age it’s best to remove it so the new adhesive can be a good grip on the pages.

    I noted that the original spine is in relatively good condition. You may elect to reattach that to the cloth tape after you have completed the rebacking as shown in the post “Repairing Damaged Covers”. There is a video link in that post that will walk you through that process. I note that you are using poly-coated tape so please use some fine sandpaper to remove the poly coating on the spine before attaching the spine of the cover to ensure the Norbond attaches securely.

    That should return your Bible to serviceable condition but if you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us again.


  5. Jessica Eiler March 22, 2018 @ 11:19 am Reply

    I’m in my second year as the less-than-part-time media specialist at my MS and I’m just now getting a handle on how to properly care for the books (Demco’s video series has been a lifesaver!). However, I’ve come across an increasingly common issue that I can’t seem to find a fix for anywhere: a single cover keeps being ripped clean off! I’m not sure exactly how this is occurring, especially considering the hardback books have dust jackets and plastic protectors overtop of that, and the signature and spine is still intact. It’s just the cover that’s been ripped off! I attempted to include pictures but unfortunately the files sizes were too large! I don’t have any idea of what to do about this issue, but I’ve come across two books so far with this issue, and I’m afraid I’m going to see it more often still. Thank you so much in advance for any help anyone can give!

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