1. Paula K Whitman February 1, 2017 @ 2:18 pm Reply

    Hi, I love reading your articles and always receive great information out of them. My question revolves around our church library, which I understand is totally different from both public and school libraries, but not really when you boil it all down to the basics. I still have funding problems (always….for both books and equipment, not staff) I’m currently in warfare for more space. I’m also having issues with marketing, our library is stuck at the opposite end of everything that happens in the church. The offices, child care, classrooms, and sanctuary are all on the south end of the building, and we are on the north with the fellowship hall all by ourselves. We’ve tried many different ideas, from games with awards to review and pictures of new materials on the screen before services. Still not getting a consistent draw, any suggestions? I’m pretty much open to anything. Thank you, for your great articles and your help.
    Paula Whitman
    Church Librarian

  2. Liz Bowie Liz Bowie March 29, 2017 @ 11:27 am Reply

    Thanks for your question, Paula. Cathy will be addressing your question in her upcoming blog post on June 15. You might also find these resources helpful:

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