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  • Basaltine December 26, 2016 @ 9:54 pm Reply

    Is the Demco® Film-fiber Tape appropriate for long term (25+ year) attachment of the covered jacket to the book? I’m interested in buying a roll of that tape but want to make sure the glue on the tape won’t deteriorate and soak into the cardboard (something I’ve seen happen with the tape my local library uses on their books). It’s not that my books are rare or museum-quality but as you said, if anyone has an investment in books they’ll want to keep them as new and unaltered as possible.

    • John Ison John Ison December 29, 2016 @ 1:23 pm Reply


      Twenty-five years is an exceptionally long time to expect any type of tape to last, but I think your best choice would be Filmoplast® P Paper Mending Tape. While the initial cost is somewhat higher than film-fiber tape, both the base material and the adhesive are acid-neutral and should not deteriorate nor cause damage to the books over a long span of time. The Demco online catalog has several reviews of this tape and some cite its longevity.

      As you probably noted in the post on protecting hard cover books, I normally recommend Demco® Film-fiber Tape, which is excellent for typical applications, but since you’re looking for maximum life of the tape, I think the Filmoplast is the better option.


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